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REpair Services

Our Skilled Technicians Offer a Wide Range of Garage Door Repair Services.

Garage Door Re-Alignment and Balancing

Proper alignment and balance will allow smooth operation, maintain structural integrity, and greatly extend the life of your garage door opener.

Garage Door Sensor Alignment

Misaligned sensors can cause the door to not open and close properly.

Garage Door Spring Replacement

Our trained technicians inspect and service garage door springs, which can be very dangerous if in failing or distressed condition. When one spring is broken, we highly recommend replacing both springs as they both have had the same amount of use and the unbroken spring will probably fail in the near future.

Garage Door Cable, Hinge, and Roller Replacement

We inspect and if necessary replace everything from your lift bracket, lift spring, lift cable, panel hinges, and top roller carrier. Replacing worn rollers, cables and hinges will decrease the stress exerted on the opener allowing for a longer service life and quieter operation.

Garage Door Opener Installation and Repair

With over thirty years in business, and thousands of happy customers, our technicians can quickly install or repair any model of garage door opener from any manufacturer.

Garage Door Tune-up

Our tune-up service includes inspecting the entire door system, lubricating all moving parts, checking the safety reversal system, and inspecting the door for proper balance.

Garage Door Panel/Section Replacement

Faulty or warped panels can be an indication of structural issues with your door, and if not addressed can lead to misalignment and excessive wear on the opener.

If your garage door is constantly jamming or your electronic garage door opener is malfunctioning, you need a garage door repair specialist you can trust. At O’Brien Garage Doors, our #1 priority is that your door operates safely and properly for you and your loved ones. We provide the most reliable garage door tune-up and repair services in the business and strive to get you the most out of your garage door.

We offer fast, affordable service and stand behind our estimates, never adding hidden fees in the middle of a job. Our helpful customer service reps are available from 7 AM – 8 PM seven days a week.

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